Company Policies


- Developing totally from personnel system to qualification of technical production.

- Constructing &  executing domestic and oversea projects with the highest technical requirements.

- Become a prestigious EPC contractor of small and medium projects.

- Manufacturing & fabricating steel structures under international standards that ensure to meet domestic and oversea demand.



- Development of investment and human resources, creating the best working environment for employees, interesting in developing community utilities.

- Constantly enhancing the business worth to the shareholders investing in the Company at maximum.

- Diversifying scopes of business operation based on taking available resources for business efficiency.

- Investing on modern technical facilities and equipment aiming to grow productivity efficiency as well as competitive ability.



- Lilama 7 joint stock company is one of the leading units of Vietnam Machinery Erection Industry on fabrication & installation of equipment and steel structure, constructing & installing industry projects (cement, hydro-power, thermal plants, oil refineries). In order to sustain LILAMA 7’S strengths & trademark, we always focus on establishing & improving Quality Management System through commitments of quality policies as follows:

- Satisfying customers’ requirements under signed contracts and always complying with law regulations.

- Appreciate: Quality is employees’ vital factor, customers’ satisfaction is LILAMA 7’S invaluable asset.

- Always maintaining & improving Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 standard.

- Building sustainable values is considered as LILAMA 7’s declaration & objective.

- Quality policies must be popular to all staffs in order to get a common quality target and carry out together for the purpose of reaching efficiency as expected.